Standlake Ranch


Bible Schools

In 2004 we opened our first Bible School in Ghana. This soon spread to another 16 countries and soon and 51 Centres were planted by the end of 2006. By 2007 these increased to over 100 Bible School Centres. The graduates are then sent out to reach the remote villages of Africa, India and Asia who have not yet heard the gospel.

The courses are free to download.

The Discipleship Course should be completed first, and when you have passed that
we have the Evangelists' Course that can be downloaded from We also run the BIBLE SCHOOL OF MINISTRY from Standlake Ranch in Oxfordshire, UK. The dates for 2017 are as follows< /a>.


June 23-25.

August 18-20.

October 20-22.

December 16-18.


January 13-15.

April 28-30.>

May 26-28

July 21-23.> .

September 22-24 and November 24-26.