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Standlake Ranch

The Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is given to live in the hearts of believers: He fills us in a very special way when we get baptised in the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the same Holy Spirit that dwelt in Jesus and who raised Jesus from the dead.

 When we receive the Holy Spirit, we have to turn our backs on sin and the desires of the flesh and yield to the Holy Spirit instead. As we yield daily to the Holy Spirit in prayer, He begins to transform our lives from one degree of glory to another until we take on the character of Christ.

Once we are rid of all the fruits of evil in our lives and are practising righteousness, the fruits of the Holy Spirit will show through our lives.

It is when we are showing the fruits of the Holy Spirit that we no longer limit God, but become a clear channel for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to operate through our life in power and authority. When this happens, our ministries bear much fruit.

We will start the course then with the fruits of the Holy Spirit which is a preparation for the gifts of the Holy Spirit to flow easily through our lives.


Suzanne Pillans
Standlake Ranch
January 2006