Ranch Holidays

Standlake Ranch

March 2011
"I am out of words to say the expressions of appreciation all the people who have been blessed at this place this weekend. We came here empty and needing our souls restored and I can safely tell you we have left UPLIFTED by the grace that as with us. We just want God to move you from glory to glory in all your future plans. May the presence of the Lord be with you always. Kuda - Bethesda Apostolic Church (6/3/11)

February 2011
"We had a wonderful day at Standlake. We were well received! Lovely atmosphere! We had a delicious 3 course meal served. Very friendly and kind family working together to make us to feel at home! We recommend it. We will come again soon. Many blessings. The Vine Church (26/2/11)

"We had a really good weekend. Thank you so much. Ignite Trust Harrow (20/2/11)

January 2011
Once again a great venue for us to have a weekend away. We all really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot too. Abbey Chapel, Abingdon (21-23rd Jan 2011)

December 2010
"Thank you so much for your kindness and and the care you gave for us while we were here! This place has been a lovely opportunity for us to get together. This weekend at Standlake Ranch has been awesome and we would like to come back next year, and next time hope the weather allows us to get in the boats and enjoy the lake too! Thank you and God bless" (King's College Korean Society)

November 2010
"Thanks so much for letting us stay here! We all had a wonderful weekend. God bless" (Catherine of Warwick University's Christian Focus Society)

"We had a really great weekend. The Centre fit our needs brilliantly. Thank you very much. God bless your work now and into the future" (Stephen from Warwick University)

"A wonderful stay, perfect for our HolySpirit weekend. We had a blessed time of fellowship and discovery" (Elim Church Bath)

October 2010
"We were so blessed to use your Ranch over this weekend, thank you for all your kindness and hospitality  (Romans 12) and we're encouraged by your partnership in the gospel. Love from all of us (UCL Christian Union)

"We enjoyed our stay here and the outdoors. And the Lord blessed us richly. Thank you"

September 2010
"I found it a very encouraging and spiritually profitable weekend" Paulette

August 2010
"A very good time was had by all. We found lots of things to do in the area. The girls enjoyed all being together in the communial area" (Girls' Crusade)

"Thanks all at the Ranch for a great time. We would like to come back again next time" (Brennan)

July 2010
"Thank you so much for letting us use this wonderful place for our Pathfinder weekend. Everyone has had a great time. We'll see you next year!" (Ashtead of Pathfinders)

"The children loved the place; especially the boats, the horse riding and the campfire! " (Ashtead Parish)

June 2010
"I've enjoyed my time here! The house is so cosy and clean! I felt very welcomed here and hope to come here again next year" (Nottingham Chinese Christian Church)

May 2010
"I had the time of my life this weekend and its an experience that has changed my life. I have made new friends and done new things that I would have never done before, like rowing across a lake on a surfboard!"

April 2010
"Thank you very much and God bless you" (Agape Ministries Team)