Ranch Holidays

Standlake Ranch

February 2nd, 2020. We have been using Standlake Ranch for 8 years. We have been happy every one of them, so that is why we keep coming back. very polite staff and helpful too. A good place for adults and children. the place is lovely and has been maintained and improved all the time. God bless your ministry. Martin Chaza, Apostolic Faith Church.

January 2020. Thank you, Suzanne,  I was richly blessed by the Lord during my stay. I have been nourished in His presence and enlightened regarding getting into His presence by walking through the rooms of the Tabernacle. it was awesome, to be a Jew, spending the night in the Holy of Holies, gazing upon the altar, the ark, and the cross, knowing that Jeshua's eye was upon me. Thank you for your obedience in building the Tabernacle. Amazing, P.

October 21st, 2019. Standlake Ranch is a good place for anyone who wants to meet with the Holy Spirit. This is the place for you in His peace and love.    a 5 Star. Stanford.

September 1st, 2019. God bless Stamdlake Ranch. it is the peace you get while there. It is a home away from home

September 1st, 2019. If any believer wants to meet with God and have an encounter with the Holy Spirit, Standlake Ranch is the right place for you. 5 Star.

September 1st, 2019. We used the premises for a prayer retreat for four days and we had a very good prayer time. It was perfect for our intention.

December 1st, 2018. I have loved the whole time at the camp, especially the Tabernacle. It was a great sense of peace and joy. Mumloi.

December 1st, 2018. I loved the visit to the Tabernacle. It was a great experience of  God's presence. Roselyn.

November 11th, 2018. You have ministered to our hearts. There is power in prayer and it has been our desire to know the steps to take to come before God. The entire experience has been great, and we can surely say we have enjoyed being here. Be blessed. \Beth

November 11th, 2018. Thank you so much for allowing yourselves to be used by God. I've enjoyed myself to a level I didn't imagine before coming here. May you continue to work for Him. I enjoyed every service, especially the Tabernacle. I've had a whole new level in the presence of God. With Jesus love, sister Mercy,

November 11th, 2018. Wow! What an amazing time we have had in the presence of the Lord. Thank you for being obedient. God has answered my prayer in the Tabernacle, The Holy Spirit has been awesome. God bless you and continue to increase you in every way. Rose.

September 30th, 2018. Wow, yet another amazing experience with God for the third time now. Each time we come here, we see the Lord move in deeper ways. He has truly anointed this place and been faithful to His promises. The qualities and expectations for the purpose of a healing camp were more than met. Thank you so much for the blessing of your facility for God's purpose.

August Boys Camp 2018. This is the fifth year of coming here. With love and thanks. Johannes and Refina L.E.F. UK.

August 17th, 2018. Hello Suzanne, It's been another wonderful experience. Our coming here twice this year speaks volumes. Each time has been a blessing. The presence of God is always awesome here!!! Stay blessed, Clement, People of Praise.

August 17th, 2018. What an amazing place in the presence of the Lord. Standlake Ranch is a great place to wait on the Lord. Supernatural experience in the Tabernacle.  May God continue to bless you Suzanne and Wilfrid. Pastor Kwara, People of Praise.

August 17th, 2018. Suzanne, Thank God that you have obeyed God's call. If not we would not be here. I have had the most spiritual experience of my life, and this environment aided this to happen. may God continue to do His will in this place in Jesus' name. Stella Etor.

August 1st, 2018, Suzanne and Wilfrid, Thank you so much for lending us your Ranch, Tabernacle, and land for our Summer Leadership training. We have enjoyed the beauty, peace, and quiet of the place and a  sense of the presence and blessing of the Lord.  Robin and Liz, Reach Across

July 8th, 2018. This weekend was one of the most astonishing and amazing times at Standlake. The Ranch is such a blessing! This is a place of miracles! There is an open heaven over Standlake Ranch. This is Holy ground that God set apart. Isaac Samuel.

July 8th, 2018 I really had the best time in the presence of God. Everything was amazing from Friday to Sunday. This place is anointed. Thank you. Sarah.

July 8th, 2018.  Thank you again for the word of  God, expounding on the importance of prayer and encouraging us in Jeremiah 32; 27 that nothing is too hard for God.

July 8th, 2018. Your ministry has helped me greatly in all areas of my life. It has given me insight into both the teaching and the spiritual aspect. I have gained a lot of understanding, knowledge, and the things of the Lord. Elizabeth Gyekye.

July 8th, 2018. This is always a time of spiritual growth,  refreshing, encouraging and a desire to seek God. Thank you, Suzanne for your obedience to God.

July 8th, 2018. This is the best place to stay at,  May God continue to use you to change people's lives. I am going back a different person. The place is clean,  the food is nice and the anointing is too much. With God all things are possible. Thank you and stay blessed.

July 8th, 2018. It was so awesome in this place of the Lord. I will be motivating the youth in my church to come.

June, 2018 The place is a good place to stay. Very calm and peaceful. The facilities are in very good condition. I totally recommend it. 5 star.

May 5th, 2018. I was amazed at the revelational knowledge and how the word was demonstrated through the Holy Spirit in a mighty and powerful way. we shall return again. Living grace Ministry.

May 5th, 2018, Had an amazing time here. The presence of God is awesome in this place. The teaching from Suzanne was fantastic and empowering and the move of the Holy Spirit was powerful. God is in this place. Dahima, Living Grace Ministries,

May 5th,  2018, Awesome teaching. The presence of God and the Holy Spirit moved mightily in every heart. We are blessed to experience God in a new way and our lives have changed. Thanks be to God. Phil, Living Grace Ministries.

May 5th,  2018, The presence of God was so powerful. I am really glad I came. I got delivered and set free. Thank you, Lord. Living Grace Ministry.

April 6th,  The power of God is really moving in this place. I felt the presence of God in me. People of Praise.

April 6th, Being in the presence of God in the tent was awesome. The feeling in there is uncomparable. Micheal, People of Praise.

April 6th, 2018. At the entrance of the premises, you can already feel the presence of God. The awesome atmosphere in the tabernacle. God is really in this place. People of Praise.

April 2018. At first, I did not believe what God can do. The blessings He gave me today were so good. I am so blessed. Agnes, People of Praise.

April 2018. At first, I did not believe anything, but today's experience was way different, it made me think differently about everything. I feel refreshed and thank God. Natasha, People of Praise Ministries International.

April 2-6, 2018. We have been here for four days and the visitation of God and His Glory in our meetings has been strong and impactful. His presence and power was exceptional on Thursday the 5th when we visited the Tabernacle of Moses. There was deliverance from demonic oppression and the infilling of the Holy Spirit as we entered the Holy of Holies. It has been an unforgettable experience. We will visit again. Pastor Asabere.

April 25, 2018 Teaching and Ministry Retreat, We first met Suzanne and Wilfrid at Standlake Ranch in December 2017. My husband had seen her healing ministry on YouTube. We came and thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and felt blessed as we met God through Suzanne’s teaching and fellowship. She spoke into my situation and told me not to try and understand what’s happening around me but to trust in God. By the end of the weekend,  my hurts and disappointments were dealt with as I learned to let them go and rest in and trust God. April 23,

April 2018. My name is Sylvia and I came over for the Healing Retreat from Dublin. I came empty and I am going back full. God also gave me inspiration for my message in Nigeria in September. March 2011
"I am out of words to say the expressions of appreciation all the people who have been blessed at this place this weekend. We came here empty and needing our souls restored and I can safely tell you we have left UPLIFTED by the grace that as with us. We just want God to move you from glory to glory in all your future plans. May the presence of the Lord be with you always. Kuda - Bethesda Apostolic Church (6/3/11)

May 19-21st, 2017. Thanks for a great stay. The surroundings are beautiful and make a lovely setting for our weekend. We really met with God.during our stay. 18-30's St Mary's, Bletchley.

July 21st, 2015. What a fantastic time we've had from start to finish! This place and ministry is a precious gem. We thank God for the fellowship, teaching, ministry, beautiful surroundings and for the deliverance received from demonic oppression. We are now filled up with the Holy Spirit and fueled to do His will. Jan.

August 21-23 2015. A wonderful, noisy, fun, and Spirit-filled weekend. WCC.

June 21st, 2015. We had lots of fun with the boats and the trampoline. It's a great place to worship God. We hope to return next year,  Christ Church, London.

April 7-11th, 2015.Thank you for a wonderful week in the sunshine. Christ Church. New Malden.

February 22nd, 2015. We have enjoyed our weekend stay. Thank you for having us. We will be back. St Matthews Youth Group.

February 2nd, 2015. A great weekend. Lots of prayer and spiritual renewal. Beautiful area. 

November 14th, 2014. We again enjoyed a fruitful weekend getting in step with the eternal Spirit. We thank you for this place and look forward to the healing of the Nations at our Lord's return. Peace. The most amazing weekend! very anointed, refreshing and uplifting. Pam and Martin. A really life-changing weekend. God met us in a very special way and He has healed my back. Renway.

November 9th, 2014. Service of hospitality enables us to rebuild, reconnect and nurture not only God's word, but also each other. Thank you for the service of hospitality to us with kindness and love. Queen Mary Christian Union.

September 14th, 2014. Thank you so much for such a wonderful time! We loved the venue and had a great fun time. Looking forward to coming back.Cambridge Getaway.

September 5-7th, 2014, Partners Weekend. Very blessed to partake, to witness, to experience the love, action, healing from our wonderful Heavenly Father and interaction with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Cyndi Diamond. We praise the Lord Jesus for the powerful ministry in this amazing place. Amanda and Adam. We thoroughly enjoyed this weekend seminar on Discipleship. Bruce and Peggy. Thank you for sharing from your heart. We always feel challenged, edified and encouraged when we come, and we feel there is an open heaven. Paul and Sue.

August 23rd. Thank you for letting us stay here. We had a lovely stay and much appreciated the use of the facilities for Jake and Lizzy's wedding. Rev Brian Alcorn. Thank you so much for providing us with a superb venue, Lee  Hanvill.

August 8-10th, 2014, This weekend was awesome. It was so powerful. We had an encounter with the Lord. The Lord visited us and filled us with His Spirit. There was so much Joy. This place is wonderful. Miracle Assemblies of God.

July 11-13th, 2014. We've had a great weekend. Thank you. We will return. Reading Christadelphians.

July 2nd, 2014. Wonderful stay at the Ranch! Seriously recommend this venue,  The atmosphere is full of God's presence. Host Suzanne, wonderful kind and we will be back soon. Samuel Benjamin,

June 6th, 2014. We had a blessed weekend at the Ranch. Thank you for all your tireless support before and during the event. A gem of a place, hidden in the county of Oxfordshire. Thank you. Forward In Faith Mission.

June 1st, 2014. I was really impacted and touched by Suzanne's testimony! This place is very inspirational, I could experience the presence of God. G.B.    This place is amazing! we've been so blessed, we've been really touched. God bless, Breaking Borders Mission.                         

May 23-25th, 2014 I have been spiritually blessed, June Cash. Thanks for your teaching and ministry. Tony Cash. The weekend was for me a divine appointment. Jerome. The Lord led us here to feed us, bless us and remind us that the Heavenly Realm is obtainable and more real than the physical. Alino and Graemme. We have had a new revelation from God's word, lovely fellowship and this time I felt the Holy Fire. Sue Edgely Experience in the prayer Tabernacle helped me in growing and waiting on God. Thank You, Judy Hopkins. The time here has been very inspirational and strengthens my resolve to be single-minded and to do my utmost for His highest. Demont.

testimony I had lots of stiffness in my back that meant I couldn't walk properly and couldn't run at all. After prayer, my walking was easier and I could run a little. Charles Nichols.

May 16-18th,  Anointed teaching, great fellowship, many blessings. Thank you Lord, You did the impossible! Marion Bateman.

May 23-25th 2014 Great weekend. we got a lot out of it. Thanks, for Suzanne's teaching on hearing God,s will.  Bruce and Peggy Ling

May 16th, 2014. I had a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord over the partners weekend and received new and fresh teaching from Suzanne. Thank you Suzanne, for the amazing revelation and hospitality.Salome Payn.

May 9-11, 2014.  Great fellowship and encountered  God the Father in a refreshing new light. beautiful weekend, endless love made possible by the warmth of the Ranch. Gold Hill 18-30's weekend.

May 9-11, 2014. We came, we worshipped, we encountered the Father in beautiful and unexpected ways.  Samuel G, Gold Hill 18-30's weekend away

March 30th, 2014. I had a great weekend. The boats were one of the many highlights to Standlake. Tio Nyirenda, KCC

March 30th, 2014. Amazing time, great place, great weekend, shame about the crocodile in the lake!!! Matt Lucas.

March, 30th, 2014. Had a blast at this place, All thanks to God for His grace. worship was filled with His praise, of sin and sadness there was no place. Mervin and Subin.

March 15th, 2014. Standlake Ranch, What can I say?  We loved being so close to the horses and the hay. The weather was beautiful, the sun was bright, great food, laughs, Bible teaching and prayers were enjoyed by all. Amy Ruth and Dee, CCCL Young Adults.

December 25th, 2013. We had a great Christmas in this pleasant place to accommodate us. A big Thank you from the Ribeiro family.

December 6-8th, 2013. We had a great weekend and a really spiritual time with the Lord. University of Worster Christian Union.

November 17th, 2013. We are very grateful to be able to meet here to strengthen our communion. we much enjoyed the messages and boating. We hope to return. Thank you. Walsall Christians.

December 29-30th, 2012,  Thank you for everything. We have had an amazing time in a wonderful place.

February 2011
"We had a wonderful day at Standlake. We were well received! Lovely atmosphere! We had a delicious 3 -course meal served. Very friendly and kind family working together to make us feel at home! We recommend it. We will come again soon. Many blessings. The Vine Church (26/2/11)

"We had a really good weekend. Thank you so much. Ignite Trust Harrow (20/2/11)

January 2011
Once again a great venue for us to have a weekend away. We all really enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot too. Abbey Chapel, Abingdon (21-23rd Jan 2011)

December 2010
"Thank you so much for your kindness and the care you gave for us while we were here! This place has been a lovely opportunity for us to get together. This weekend at Standlake Ranch has been awesome and we would like to come back next year, and next time hope the weather allows us to get in the boats and enjoy the lake too! Thank you and God bless" (King's College Korean Society)

November 2010
"Thanks so much for letting us stay here! We all had a wonderful weekend. God bless" (Catherine of Warwick University's Christian Focus Society)

"We had a really great weekend. The Centre fits our needs brilliantly. Thank you very much. God bless your work now and into the future" (Stephen from Warwick University)

"A wonderful stay, perfect for our HolySpirit weekend. We had a blessed time of fellowship and discovery" (Elim Church Bath)

October 2010
"We were so blessed to use your Ranch over this weekend, thank you for all your kindness and hospitality  (Romans 12) and we're encouraged by your partnership in the gospel. Love from all of us (UCL Christian Union)

"We enjoyed our stay here and the outdoors. And the Lord blessed us richly. Thank you"

September 2010
"I found it a very encouraging and spiritually profitable weekend" Paulette

August 2010
"A very good time was had by all. We found lots of things to do in the area. The girls enjoyed all being together in the communal area" (Girls' Crusade)

"Thanks all at the Ranch for a great time. We would like to come back again next time" (Brennan)

July 2010
"Thank you so much for letting us use this wonderful place for our Pathfinder weekend. Everyone has had a great time. We'll see you next year!" (Ashtead of Pathfinders)

"The children loved the place; especially the boats, the horse riding, and the campfire! " (Ashtead Parish)

June 2010
"I've enjoyed my time here! The house is so cosy and clean! I felt very welcomed here and hope to come here again next year" (Nottingham Chinese Christian Church)

May 2010
"I had the time of my life this weekend and it,s an experience that has changed my life. I have made new friends and done new things that I would have never done before, like rowing across a lake on a surfboard!"

April 2010
"Thank you very much and God bless you" (Agape Ministries Team)