Suzanne's Ministries

Standlake Ranch

There were many excited young people ready to serve the Lord, but they did not know the Bible well enough and they could not get to the remote villages.

'Step Out In Faith Bible School Of Evangelism' was then established. After training in "Step Out In Faith Bible School Of Evangelism", the graduates then go out as evangelists to reach every village of thier given area for the Lord.

In 2005, 22 bicycles helped to plant 54 Churches.
In 2006, 100 bicycles helped to plant 233 Churches.                      
In 2007, 200 bicycles helped to plant 458 Churches.
In 2008, 1,000 bicycles helped 3000 evangelists plant 10,000 Churches. 
In 2009, 917 bicycles helped 9,266 evangelists plant 9,500Churches. 

We now only supply bicycles to the extreme needs only. The number of students have increased to over 12,000 a year accross 18 countries.  We are so grateful to Derek Prince Ministries (Asia Pacific) who donated a Derek Prince book to graduates in some of the countries.