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About the Author

Suzanne’s ministry Step Out in Faith has grown into an International Bible School for the rural parts of Africa and the Far East, as well as a Bicycle Ministry that plants churches in the most remote villages where fifty five evangelists planted 138 churches in the first year and 28 bible schools were set up.

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Lesson 1 - Do not Limit God

Is the Lord preparing us for revival right now?  Can He use mere human beings like you and me to do such an incredible thing?  Is He prepared to teach us how to bring about revival?  The answer is ‘Yes’!  That’s if we will listen to Him, and yield ourselves to obey Him, regardless of what we may think of ourselves.

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Lesson 2- Rise up to your potential and calling

It is a known fact that most people only use 5% of their brain potential. It is also the same spiritually. Most people barely live 5% of their potential and calling in Christ.

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Lesson 3- The Power of the Cross

The very first miracle of Jesus was turning water into wine.  This was a creation miracle, a miracle over creation.  He also walked on water, calmed the storm and fed 5000 people with only five small loaves and two fishes.  Then, if that was not enough, he had His disciples collect twelve baskets of crumbs.

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Lesson 4 - The Kingdom of God is at Hand

The Kingdom of God is in the spiritual realm, brought upon us by the Holy Spirit.  We can receive Him now.  We can walk in this spiritual realm now.  We can receive the power and authority of Jesus’ name now and, as we preach, the Kingdom of God is at hand with the gospel.  Jesus will do it.

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Lesson 5 - The Gift of Righteousness

What is righteousness?  It means a person who is right, wise, just, upright, good, true, proper, correct, real, genuine, exact, satisfactory, suitable, well, someone who releases from injustice.  A wise person will want to be right, will want to be righteous.  Righteousness produces authority.  Authority produces power and power effects great change

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Lesson 6 - The Power of Prayer

Prayer is communion with God.  There is prayer that bounces off the ceiling and there is prayer that penetrates the heart of God.  There is prayer that accomplishes little and there is prayer that effects great change.

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Lesson 7 - The Lord's Prayer

We can become so full of our Father’s heavenly blessings, so full of the Holy Spirit, that we begin to serve our Father on earth without even giving it a thought, because we have allowed Him to change us, renew us and fill us with HIMSELF. 

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Lesson 8 - Equipped to Serve

What brings about the change from being called to being chosen?

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