Suzanne's Ministries

Standlake Ranch

Suzanne became a Christian through the miraculous healing of her horse Jacky Boy in 1974.  She then gave her life to serving the Lord through running a Christian holiday farm. Suzanne was also a worker for Christian Action for Israel for 12 years. Here she spoke in many churches on their behalf. Suzanne got married to her husband Wilfrid in 1983 and graduated at the Bible Institute of South Africa, Suzanne has since been ordained and was presented a doctorate in ministry in 2015. They have one daughter, Rebecca who is a talented artist.

In 1993 the Lord called them back to England and in 1996 they bought land and built up Standlake Equestrian Centre for a living and a Christian Ranch which is run to raise funds for the Ministry.

In 2000 Suzanne went to Israel with Eurovision headed by David Hathaway and the Lord has anointed her with a healing ministry. Since then she has been invited to speak in many countries around the world. She also accepts invitations to speak in Churches or Conferences in England.

The ministry is involved with Bible Schools in partnership with Derek Prince Ministries.

Suzanne has seen many miraculous healings including people getting out of wheelchairs.